Current Liquid Motors Partners

eBay Motors provides a site for launching our client dealerships' used vehicles on auction. Millions of consumers shop eBay every day with confidence because of programs that have been set in place to protect buyers' purchases. As a seller, eBay Motors offers numerous incentives in addition to the largest customer base in the world. eBay Motors Partner
Ordering a CARFAX Vehicle History Report is the first step to protecting yourself against buying used cars with costly hidden problems. CARFAX searches its nationwide database and provides a detailed vehicle history report in seconds. CARFAX Partner
Blackbook Partner Black Book is an excellent source for the latest wholesale prices direct from auctions. As each vehicle passes through the auction lane, the vehicle is properly classified according to its cleanliness, and then the mileage, selling price, and trim levels are recorded by Black Book survey personnel.
Chrome offers many solutions to dealerships to make it easier and more profitable to market, buy, trade, or sell vehicles over the Internet and in the showroom. Both consumers and professionals use Chrome solutions on a daily basis to research, spec out, and compare vehicles. Chrome Partner
KBB Partner
CDMdata, Inc. provides unparalleled technology and industry-leading service to the automotive industry. Our solutions increase our clients' revenues by increasing productivity and data accuracy. CDM provides proprietary hardware and software solutions that streamline inspection, valuation, distribution, marketing, and Internet sales processes. CDM Data Partner
HomeNet Partner HomeNet, Inc. is a privately owned automotive technology provider offering online vehicle inventory solutions. Founded in 1996, HomeNet's primary focus is helping automotive dealers manage their vehicle inventory data and increase online vehicles sales. HomeNet offers its solutions to a variety of customers including Web site Providers, CRM Providers, Finance & Leasing Agents, Auction Agents, and more.
Digital Motorworks (DMi) is the largest integrator of Automotive Retail Data in the US and Canada. DMi collects and transforms automotive industry data designed expressly to increase the sale of new and used vehicles, service and parts. Automotive companies are implementing increasingly sophisticated information technology initiatives to gain access to business critical information and they rely on DMi's 10 years of experience to do it. DMI Partner