Dealer Lot Service

Dealer Lot Service
The Liquid Motors Automotive Dealer Lot Service Internet Marketing Platform is built on a .Net architecture enabling it to integrate well with third party products. Liquid Motors supports file based interfaces, email interfaces and real-time web service interfaces for optimal data exchange.

We are actively seeking Dealer Lot Service partners where integration would provide a mutually beneficial relationship. The opportunities include:

  • Dealer Lot Service Companies who want the most robust and comprehensive Inventory Management and Distribution Platform.
  • Dealer website developers who want a search engine optimized architecture to create compelling micro sites, Dealer Websites and dealer group sites with easy to use website administration tools.
  • Classified marketplaces who want a scalable solution with existing automotive industry components and content.
  • CRM Companies who want access to accurate inventory data and lead capture from all sources: emails, phone calls, web forms, auctions, and classified sites.
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