Liquid Motors Lead Management

Effective lead management is critical to ensure that all leads are followed up and that the dealer is maximizing their investment in automotive Internet marketing.
  • Provide lead allocation to salespersons
  • Activity planner to track lead follow-up
  • Auto-responders by lead type
  • Notifications to alert new leads
  • Tracking by lead source to track ROI on auto Internet marketing campaigns
One Owner and Buyback Guarantee vehicles are highlighted as they are more desirable and command a premium price. Additionally, dealers can purchase CARFAX reports directly from within the system at time of acquisition or time of marketing.
Activity Planner
The Activity Planner provides the organization necessary to ensure sales people respond to all leads and remember to follow-up throughout the sales cycle.
  • Send emails with e-Brochures
  • Videos and CARFAX links using a library of compelling templates
  • Add notes from a phone conversation and schedule follow-up activities
Internet department managers can view sales personnel workloads, evaluate their phone and email skills and get an overall picture of the performance of their department.
Prospect Manager
Keep track of current prospect contact information and your communication history with your prospects for consistent, informed follow-up, save-a-deals and future automotive Internet marketing campaigns.
The Prospect Manager automotive software allows your sales team to have a comprehensive view of a prospect including what vehicles they are looking for and which vehicles currently in inventory match what they are looking for.
Cross Seller Inventory Match
73% of car buyers buy a different vehicle than the vehicle they are inquiring about.
  • Automatically matches a prospect's desired vehicles to current inventory
  • Changes to inventory or the prospect's desired vehicles profile triggers Cross Seller to look for matches
  • The salesperson will be prompted to contact the prospect regarding a new match
This feature drives ore sales by cross selling and completes the cross check for you.