Self Service
For dealers who want to perform their own service for data collection, photography and window stickers, Liquid Motors provides an efficient and easy-to-use solution to dealers to reduce the cost of collecting vehicle information and to expedite the data collection process.
  • Unlimited photos
  • Easily and efficiently print window stickers and buyers guides with data collection
  • Immediate distribution to Internet marketing sites
  • Optional touch screen table with VIN bar scanner
  • PhotoMatch technology to match photo with vehicle
  • Simple synchronization process updates vehicle direct to Liquid Motors portal
Whether your dealership is looking for full service for data collection or you want a self-service solution, Liquid Motors has the optimal solution for your dealership.

Full Service

Liquid Motors has partnered with DiamondLot, a leading onsite dealer services company, to provide data collection, photo, video and window sticker services for our dealers wanting a full service solution. DiamondLot offers dealers across the United States the following services:
  • Manufacturer specific vehicle data collection
  • Professional vehicle photography with custom overlays to make photos stand out and provide contact information
  • Custom Designed Window Stickers and Buyers Guides
  • Multiple store visits a week (volume and price based)
DiamondLot is powered by our industry leading technology for all their dealer services.
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