Thank you for your interest in providing photography services to Liquid Motors Inc. This page contains the information necessary for you to get started.

To begin your training, download the Liquid Motors Process for Shooting Vehicles document. This document shows you the proper format for photographing vehicles. Once you have reviewed the guide, your first assignment is to photograph your personal vehicle based on the information provided in the guide. After you have completed the assignment, please call Jill Givens for further instructions. For this training experience you will be compensated $50.00.

We will review your work to ensure you understand our process. Once you understand the process, we will assign you a dealer's vehicle to photograph. You will also need to download the Vehicle Check List. Use the check list when photographing vehicles.

In order to be paid, fill out the Liquid Motors Invoice with the following information:

Company Logo (if applicable)
Company Name, Address, Phone and Email (Upper Left)
Enter a statement number and ensure the date is correct (Upper Right)
Create one line item with the date you took the picture, for one car, Liquid Motors as the dealer, Year make and model as the description of the vehicle, last eight of the VIN, $50 as the amount.
Invoices submitted on or before Wednseday will be issued a check on Friday.
E-mail the invoice to

If you have any comments or questions, call Ms. Jill Givens at (214) 393-2322. We look forward to working with you in the future.